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How Does "Employee Alignment" Work?


  1. We start by engaging you and your key staff in conversations in order to learn all we can about what John Ruh calls your way of doing business (what some would call your culture).

  2. We work with an employee’s direct supervisors to discover what skills, attitude and results they expect from the employee.

  3. We talk with the employee and find out what they think makes someone good in the position they hold.

  4. We resolve the differences putting the employee in alignment with his/her supervisors’ definition of a good worker AND making sure that the employee’s personal vision, values and goals line up with those of the company.


This sounds too simple…what’s the catch?

We have found that there are basically only 3 reasons that an employee is not doing the job you expect. Once we know the reason, we can fix the problem. And once the problem is fixed you will have a more productive employee.


What are the reasons?

  1. They don’t know they aren’t doing a good job.
    Open the lines of communication and make the expectations clear.

  2. They are lacking one or more of the skills to do the job properly.
    Provide them with additional training and/or education so they become capable. Or, if they are unable to pick up the needed skills, replace them.

  3. They don’t care. This is often the result of no longer believing that their personal vision and goals can be achieved within your organization.
    Clarify their individual vision and goals and show them how they can be put back in alignment with those of the company. If they can’t be aligned OR if the employee refuses to believe they can be aligned, replace the employee.